Specialists in different areas of Public and Private Law.

We are prepared to support our clients in any situation related to the following areas:


Consulting and Litigation

We assist economic transactions seeking to optimize tax burdens. 

We successfully safeguard our client's rights as taxpayers in view at the three levels of government, as well as before any supervisory authority. 

Our intervention starts from the first acts of tax review to the filing of proper defense means.  


Prevention schemes, litigation

We have an experienced team in corporate matters that provides certainty to the employment sector in the face of the changing regulation of the matter. 

We supply preventive measures to avoid conflicts with our labor state and federal authorities. We represent clients from various business sectors negotiating and defending both individual and collective claims.


Protection, defense, investment, disposals

Given the growing supply and demand for real estate investments and the need to create sustainable investment projects, our Firm maintains a professional practice focused on obtaining certainty, optimization, and profitability in this type of investments. 

Our intervention includes services such as verification of land use, deed, mortgage or trust guarantee, credits for development, fiscal optimization, and formalization of investment funds, among others.


Business, guarantee, investment, inheritance


The Firm has experience in the design, implementation, and management of trusts. These services are offered individually in order to meet the specific needs of our clients. They include the planning, instrumentation, and structuring of patrimonial, management, real estate, investment, and guarantee trusts.

A TRUST is a contract by which the ownership of goods or rights is transferred to a fiduciary institution, to be used for specific purposes, entrusting this task to the fiduciary institution itself.


Consolidation, investment and succession

We ensure patrimonial protection mechanisms through schemes that ensure the disposal of assets, without compromising the private and business activities of their holders.



Business boost, tax incentives, legislative lobbying

Given our active presence in our community, our Firm has managed to generate solid alliances with business chambers, parliamentary fractions, and various government entities that allow us to manage and promote projects in benefit of our clients.


Acquisitions, diagnosis, defense


Our Firm evaluates and diagnoses social properties for their optimal use, taking care of the legal and human aspects in the "ejido" environment. 

We seek to generate value for the transition from national to private lands, disaffections, federal concessions, and regularization of properties, managing to prevent conflicts giving equity value to this type of acquisitions.


GTA provides advice to national and foreign clients, including the obtaining, maintenance and renewal of mining concessions and permits, the design and structure of supply contracts, the acquisition and financing of mining projects, advice on audits regarding compliance with mining obligations, and the defense before tax or administrative procedures and/or sanctions by federal authorities.


 Organization, capital, acquisitions, contention

We support entrepreneurs in the creation of civil and commercial companies that best suit their particular interests. We strive to create corporate contracts tailored to those who request it, thus making their operations and the administration of their companies more efficient. 

We provide a comprehensive service for the drafting of contracts, board, and meeting minutes, as well as the implementation of mergers, splits, dissolutions, and liquidations of companies.

360° Vision

Nuestra Firma opera bajo una visión 360°, integrando a su práctica diversos servicios profesionales que la complementan:

Notary and Public Brokerage

Accounting, Auditing, Tax,
Financial and
Social Security Opinions

Urban Development

Industrial and Intellectual

Prevention in Vulnerable